Saturday, August 22, 2009


just a little diddy I guess, not meant to be good. it is what it is.

I wanted you in that summer night
when you spoke so softly and walked with me
and I gave you the melody of my soul
and you claimed that it set you free
Honey please don't tell me
that our love can't last long
because you know I really miss you when you're gone

understand that I risked it all and believed
I'd found my shelter from the blackest skies
and felt so alone at my cold bare table
when you were wanderin thru the town you criticize
tell me that's a lie
because I'd like to hold on
and do I really need to miss you when you're gone?

Feels like I'm running through fire
but I'm stuck trying to find the meaning of
this story we tell and hearts that break
and I don't wanna think that the stars above
or that the woman I love
was just putting me on
but if that's the case, sweet lady, you'll miss me when I'm gone

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I really liked this. It made me think of my own life and I think, if the reader can relate, then that's a good thing. I like the words you use in your writing because it's It's southern but in a really cool way. I think it's funny that even when you think something isn't "meant to be good" it still is. Good work ^.^