Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what the beats called "Spontanious Prose"

too weary and too inspired to sleep in this warm and worn universe
thinking of Emmylou, sitting crosslegged on the matress surrounded by Bob Dylan, Sachmo, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Kris Kristopherson, Jack Kerouac, candles, incense, Bama moon, thrift store trinkets, instruments.....
thinking about Emmylou and missing her I just know she's somewhere out there, see-thru frock of crimson and earthly tan, barefoot, looking into me. But ah so is life
have no idea what time it is, but it's dark and the birds are chirping for some reason and I wanna run beneath them, discover empty phantoms and call them holy (and rightfully so) find everything holy,
find something holy
Solid brown eyes, voice like honey, crumpled letter in the gutter, Blues, anything un-resolved, the cotton that grew near my house that died two years ago, maybe even all those times I walked til my feet were ablaze and then numb humming about bloody eyes and about running to a lover's door covered in exhaust, clay, coffee, ideas, will, something calling, something screaming, something sighing, someone moaning or singing or asking

someone out there
maybe Emmylou enthralled and holy

(and it's my last night here)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Me and my sis being stupid

the cat
sat on
the mat

the dog
peed on
the log

the kitten
puked in
the mitten

the puppy
the guppy

the fishes
the dishes

the tiger
can fit
in the dryer

the llama
hooked up
with my mama

the doggy
is soggy

the goat
can drive
a boat

this should be a children's book!

the bomboozle
can shoozle
a kadoozle

the owl
is on
the prowl

the rat
is glued
to the cat

the mouse
the house

the beetle
the needle

the chickadee
the hikory

The ham
the lamb

the cow
gave birth
to the sow

Sis--I'd be awesome in creative writing because I'm not creative!


My sister's haiku:

what happened to my turtle?
Oh wait, there he is

Mom killed the kittens
ran them over with her car
splattered on the lawn

(that one's my favorite)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Had Enough Hurtin' Tonight

The last bottle is dry
and my spirit's bruised
let's get outta this damn alley
honey, we've got too much to lose

feels like our limbs are tied
and we can't hold eachother
come on, just run back home
so maybe one of us can hear the other

Wash the tears off of your face
I'll turn out the lights
crawl under the covers, babe
'cause I've had enough hurtin tonight

let's go down to the river
'stead of bleeding downtown
I'm not too tired to start again
I know we can turn this thing around

after all we've seen
there's no room for fare well
though our throats are so raw
and all this fighting is hell

stars will blaze sooner or later
and they don't care about sides
and i wanna be wrapped up in you
'cause I've had enough hurtin tonight

I'm sorry for it all
please don't break inside
I'll lay my body down beside you
'cause we've had enough hurtin tonight

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For Allie

Allie, speak softly, don't let yur temperature rise
If ya feel ya have to, I'll let you look in my eyes
You sayt here's no one to hold you
but I'm here to console you
no hurt, no scorn, can come here tonight

Do you want me to open my coat and let your in?
honey, we could be gone like smoke in the wind
I just want you to know
that your spirit can grow
tho it may seem buried too far, it can rise again

The chains of Birmingham can't touch you my dear
a town's a town, you have only your doubts to fear
Yes it's weary and worn
it's been bruised, it's been torn
but you're not Birmingham's child, it can't draw you too near

Allie we both see the poverty outside
there're sundowns that can slay you and storms to ride
maybe you're kinda like me
just hungry to be free
If ya feel you have to babe, we can head north tonight
and if ya feel you have to babe,
would you let me inside?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I fell into rivers of asphalt
broke my eyes
dust on my face

walking thru the streets of Birmingham

The stars are rebels
that the moon
cut our of the sun
and left wanderin'
and blazin'
above wolf-dogs and howls

(can you touch me where it hurts?)


I sat alone
in the tender dark,
struck a match

and swallowed the spark


Weary baby
standing naked befor the dusk
eyes full of tenderness
ivory hands holding crusts of bread
legs cold from the rain

harmony's been broken
by sudden sweet surrenders
and it's all holy
the ghosts from ancient storms,
the weeds,
the rain-drenched wood,
the fireflies in your hair

as you sit by a midnight window
coughing up rust
or red clay
knawing your bones and trying to believe in Heaven

everything rushing into you
will someday be holy

tarnished baby
flashing like a coin in the lost and found
don't you know that I dream of your mercury mind
of kissing your young holy neck
and feeling the warm vines rushing underneath
tho we've both been wounded by thunder
and hungry sighs

I will
I will follow you