Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Same Theme Going...

I was listening to Seeger's version of "Walkin Down the Line" and decided to write my own.

Well I'm a-walkin down the line (x3)
my feet'll be flyin'
tell ya 'bout my troubled mind

My pleasures came and went (x3)
my last lone dollar spent
and none of 'em was heaven sent

stranger, don't turn your back on me
don't turn your back on me
don't turn your back on me
I don't got much ya see
wonderin' how it would be
if you could lend a hand to me

Well I'm a-walkin down the line (x3)
no tellin what's inside
too much weighin' on my mind

lost my daisy in the rain (x3)
and no one ever claimed
that I would a-feel this way

He says I should've never gone (x3)
morning's too young
and I'm all wrong
but daddy I just love to run

Well I'm a-walkin down the line (x3)
my feet'll be flyin'
see ya some other time

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Sing a Sad Story"

I left so blindly and travelled so young
through the pines and the cities I've walked
yes I left so blindly and travelled so young
but to you, sweet gal, I give no fault

don't know when I'll see you or my family again
don't know when this restlessness'll fade
'cause the line ain't so clear and the path is torn
and I can't go home this way
no I can't go home this a-way

there ain't one cent in these weary clothes
not a soul here can tell where my heart lies
my own name has become a stranger to me
and I've nothing, dear friend, to leave under the skies

now my bones are too bare and my eyes are too dark
after too many nights unsheltered from the rain
maybe it's fear, Dear Lord, or maybe it's pride
but I can't go home this way
no I can't go home this a-way

For what good it does I'll whisper a prayer
through the icy silver valleys and hills
and may it fly fast to reach you somehow
if we're lonesome enough I know it will

please don't send me no words of forgiveness
or any trinkets to hold, or verses to say
for the day I come back is as unclear as tomorrow
and I can't go home this way
no I can't go home this a-way

Monday, August 24, 2009

a little different....

and inspired by all the folky records I've been listening to (Hootenanny at the Limelight, All-Star Hootenanny at the Gaslight, The Times They are A-Changin, the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, and Hard Travelin' by Woody Guthrie. I highly recommend them.)

"Ballad of the Sparrow"

Oh she was just a young thing
a rebel star kicked out of the sun
when she rode away from her hometown
a ruffled sparrow now on the run

oh she didn't want no diamond ring
or any promise from her loved one
no, she didn't want to follow him down
and now her loved one is a long time gone

her hair was black as the night that made her
the dawn was as gold as the songs that shaped her
she left a town that was dead and gone
a ruffled sparrow now on the run

Who could ever blame her for leaving
when the heat finally burned to her core
and nothin can stop that restless spirit
when you've been kept away from something more

no tongue could tell what she was feelin'
as she went quietly from her father's door
now her road was long, maybe she did fear it
as the electric sky spread further than before

yes I loved her some many years ago
when neither of us knew we had no home
now our footsteps seem a little louder than before
and I hope she finds out what she's running for

Oh she was such an inncocent thing
a lonesome angel kicked out of the sun
when she had to break from her hometown
and sing the songs
of the ruffled sparrow on the run

Saturday, August 22, 2009


just a little diddy I guess, not meant to be good. it is what it is.

I wanted you in that summer night
when you spoke so softly and walked with me
and I gave you the melody of my soul
and you claimed that it set you free
Honey please don't tell me
that our love can't last long
because you know I really miss you when you're gone

understand that I risked it all and believed
I'd found my shelter from the blackest skies
and felt so alone at my cold bare table
when you were wanderin thru the town you criticize
tell me that's a lie
because I'd like to hold on
and do I really need to miss you when you're gone?

Feels like I'm running through fire
but I'm stuck trying to find the meaning of
this story we tell and hearts that break
and I don't wanna think that the stars above
or that the woman I love
was just putting me on
but if that's the case, sweet lady, you'll miss me when I'm gone

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Short song for my girlfriend...

...she's been busy....and far away....and I miss her so much...

"Song for Beladonna"

Down the sidewalk cats are walking
and the clouds are standing still
my own true love is too far
too far away for me to feel
and she's taken something from me
and I wonder if she knows

oh I miss you Beladonna
when you go out on the road

sitting in the same doorway
as cicadas chirp their serenade
trying to visualize the room
where my babe and I once stayed
there's no one's breath inside my sheets
and my coffee's getting cold

oh I miss you Beledonna
when I'm stuck here on my own

I still make my bread and work
everyday just like before
but with an echo always moaning
that now there's something more
I hope she does what she has to
but there's a truth she must know

oh I miss you Beladonna
please don't leave me all alone

it must be getting rough out there
from the way the wind is sounding
I can't remember my true love's touch
or feel my heart a-soflty pounding
will my darling hear this song
wherever she decides to go?

oh I miss you Beladonna
and I need us to find a home

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rest in Peace, Les Paul

The greatest guitar player who ever lived/inventor of the electric guitar died today. God.

I feel like I've lost a brother....

Monday, August 3, 2009

for my girlfriend

"My Moonlight Baby"

So you've got memories from a time you were turned to stone
that leave a bitter taste and a bruise and no place of your own
you were too fiery for the midwest towns and had to roam
you've seen this nation, your fathers tossed you out, but you're not alone

I admit I was a blinded child when I first met you
my faith did collide with a sheet metal past of faded hues
you ran with the jack of hearts, but had too much to prove
Now I'm standing here wondering who would ever want to break you

moonlight baby you can sleep tonight
Even if the clouds shut out the stars
moonlight woman it's gonna be alright
so when you're down just fall into my arms
and i will save you
my moonlight baby

you can go down to the river if you're tired of this battered shade
maybe one year your visions were stolen, but I'm not afraid
to carry you, sweet lady, or let you take me far away
you're not too hard to hold, even if sacred answers never came

Sometimes the night turns crimson and dries the streams
wait for the waters to rise and the sun to break through the weeds
I still wanna be under your skin and inside your dreams
like the ancient hymns once sang, we've got to go where there's peace


the church bells may not calm you, or ever make you feel
you can protect your salvation when you don't know what's real
honey I've been there before, I can tell you just how it feels
you don't have to fall through the ice, come and let your soul heal

stand on the rooftops and dance with the lost sighing winds
let oursleves vanish from here like sweet innocence in sin
even if just for a little while, we can let this serenade begin
never say farewell to your wild heart or the prophet within

moonlight baby you can sleep tonight
even if the clouds try to hide the stars
moonlight woman, we'll find a light
so when you're down just fall into my arms
because you can save me
yes, you can save me.....

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Last night I went to a Dylan concert that also had The Two Man Gentlemen Band, Willie Nelson,and John Mellencamp. TMGB was pretty cool, Willie sucked, but John and Bob blew me away! And I felt so young around all those older people and was able to stand up and sing and dance the whole time lol. Some square drunks started leaving when Dylan (the headliner) started, but I know I was with it. You could tell who the real Dylan fans were because we were all WITH IT and we knew it. It was magical when Dylan played "Like a Rolling Stone" and we all sang along...

It lasted until midnight and I didn't get home (or any sleep) until 9 this morning. I watched Festival Express and wrote this "junk" song

"Let Me Sleep in Your Bed Today"

woman it's been a long time gone
I've been a long time alone
and you said if I ever needed someone
you've got a nice meal and a home
I don't wanna roam away
oh honey honey honey
let me sleep in your bed today

See now I'm left with just rags
left with some tablecloth songs
I've got callouses, I've got bags
I'm okay, but something's wrong
I'm not as strong since last May
so baby baby baby
let me sleep in your bed today

I 'preciate you bein so kind
I dropped a poem for you in the hall
It's been tough sleepin in cars at night
that ride is longer than I recall
too tired to crawl, let me stay
oh darlin darlin darlin
let me sleep in your bed today

Oh yer so patient and giving
to even unload that damn trunk
there's been so much sweating and living
now I gotta sleep off all that junk
ain't it just my luck you'd let me stay
oh thank you thank you thank you
for lettin me sleep in your bed today