Saturday, January 29, 2011

Re-write of my angry-ass rant

Don't ask me how I'm doing cause I'm not gonna fucking tell you it's alright
I just got here from a land of dusty steeples and beer cans and daddy's aren't always around
and for the past few weeks I've been crawling like an escaped laboratory dog over the sidewalks covered in the grime of man with ash on my skin and smoke in my chest and nails in my hands as my heart hits the bone with such a sordid and delicious thud
lookin for her stairs
lookin for her stairs
lookin for Mercy's stairs
and falling every time she turned on her light to tell me I'd found a place that would hold me
remembering the toiling in T Town and how Alabama treated me so wrong and put poison in my veins and and scars on my girlfriends and holes in my eyes
blind to the sun and waiting for the dawn
waking only to find Queen Belladonna twisted and purging addies and jack into the dying weeds and cigarette embers while middle aged harpies and sons of moonshiners tried to save my poor starving soul
but my sins were my jewels becasue they belonged to me no matter how bitter the rust tasted in my bleeding throat
I remember choking on the rocks where the cotton wouldn't grow
I remember being tied at birth by neon wolves
I remember breaking free and then being dragged back by my long tangled hair wasted howling and born
and dreaming of a stranded life amongst sparks of emerald strewn across the desert land
just blasting away into the not quite infinite nothing where it's all gunpowder bliss and it's it's no not what I was after but I hope I still know what I'm after
as I spit into the void of silenced churchbells and toss my pearls to rabid junkies
who spread their seeds across scars left open for the night and surrendered to nothing but the electric sky where their skins break open and my pulse shatters in the rain
til I'm left strung out and malnourished on a Greyhound thirsty for one more whiskey river and one more dance with the lightning of the soul
and it can't kill
but my God it will
all becasue I left the turniquet undone
all because that jack knife lover is a long time gone
all because we know what we've become
all becasue I'm so god damn young
all because daddy never loved his son
it's not a battle lost or won it's just it's just
it's just a hard night falling down on Valley Street
it's just a dirty heat rising over you and me
I don't wanna believe in destiny, what is destiny
oh honey please if you wanna be cruel to me it's alright
so curse at your saviors and set your insides ablaze and
call all abandon
call all abandon
call all abandon
I was abondoned
I was abandoned
the light has come undone
I'm so god damn fucking young
daddy never loved his son