Saturday, August 1, 2009


Last night I went to a Dylan concert that also had The Two Man Gentlemen Band, Willie Nelson,and John Mellencamp. TMGB was pretty cool, Willie sucked, but John and Bob blew me away! And I felt so young around all those older people and was able to stand up and sing and dance the whole time lol. Some square drunks started leaving when Dylan (the headliner) started, but I know I was with it. You could tell who the real Dylan fans were because we were all WITH IT and we knew it. It was magical when Dylan played "Like a Rolling Stone" and we all sang along...

It lasted until midnight and I didn't get home (or any sleep) until 9 this morning. I watched Festival Express and wrote this "junk" song

"Let Me Sleep in Your Bed Today"

woman it's been a long time gone
I've been a long time alone
and you said if I ever needed someone
you've got a nice meal and a home
I don't wanna roam away
oh honey honey honey
let me sleep in your bed today

See now I'm left with just rags
left with some tablecloth songs
I've got callouses, I've got bags
I'm okay, but something's wrong
I'm not as strong since last May
so baby baby baby
let me sleep in your bed today

I 'preciate you bein so kind
I dropped a poem for you in the hall
It's been tough sleepin in cars at night
that ride is longer than I recall
too tired to crawl, let me stay
oh darlin darlin darlin
let me sleep in your bed today

Oh yer so patient and giving
to even unload that damn trunk
there's been so much sweating and living
now I gotta sleep off all that junk
ain't it just my luck you'd let me stay
oh thank you thank you thank you
for lettin me sleep in your bed today


Lauren said...

I still liked your "junk" song lol
I can't write songs at all =/
and that's really cool.
I like John Mellencamp. I wanna go see my favorite band perform in doubt that'll happen.

Lauren said...

Mae. They play lots of...well...romantic kind of music maybe. Most of their songs are about love, but the only word I can think of for their style is mature. They use piano a lot and some orchestral stuff and I love the lyrics because they are heartfelt and ...well...different.