Monday, August 24, 2009

a little different....

and inspired by all the folky records I've been listening to (Hootenanny at the Limelight, All-Star Hootenanny at the Gaslight, The Times They are A-Changin, the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, and Hard Travelin' by Woody Guthrie. I highly recommend them.)

"Ballad of the Sparrow"

Oh she was just a young thing
a rebel star kicked out of the sun
when she rode away from her hometown
a ruffled sparrow now on the run

oh she didn't want no diamond ring
or any promise from her loved one
no, she didn't want to follow him down
and now her loved one is a long time gone

her hair was black as the night that made her
the dawn was as gold as the songs that shaped her
she left a town that was dead and gone
a ruffled sparrow now on the run

Who could ever blame her for leaving
when the heat finally burned to her core
and nothin can stop that restless spirit
when you've been kept away from something more

no tongue could tell what she was feelin'
as she went quietly from her father's door
now her road was long, maybe she did fear it
as the electric sky spread further than before

yes I loved her some many years ago
when neither of us knew we had no home
now our footsteps seem a little louder than before
and I hope she finds out what she's running for

Oh she was such an inncocent thing
a lonesome angel kicked out of the sun
when she had to break from her hometown
and sing the songs
of the ruffled sparrow on the run

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Lauren said...

I liked it =]
Sounds sorta silly and probably not at all what you were thinking, but I sorta thought of college and stuff like that. How so many teenagers are dying to get out and find themselves, whether through college or something else. Just a thought I guess. I'm glad you've been finding time to still write. I've had none =[ I'm being destroied by homework. I'm so tired everyday that I get home from school that I don't have the energy to even try. Hope school's going good. You doing carpe diem?