Monday, August 3, 2009

for my girlfriend

"My Moonlight Baby"

So you've got memories from a time you were turned to stone
that leave a bitter taste and a bruise and no place of your own
you were too fiery for the midwest towns and had to roam
you've seen this nation, your fathers tossed you out, but you're not alone

I admit I was a blinded child when I first met you
my faith did collide with a sheet metal past of faded hues
you ran with the jack of hearts, but had too much to prove
Now I'm standing here wondering who would ever want to break you

moonlight baby you can sleep tonight
Even if the clouds shut out the stars
moonlight woman it's gonna be alright
so when you're down just fall into my arms
and i will save you
my moonlight baby

you can go down to the river if you're tired of this battered shade
maybe one year your visions were stolen, but I'm not afraid
to carry you, sweet lady, or let you take me far away
you're not too hard to hold, even if sacred answers never came

Sometimes the night turns crimson and dries the streams
wait for the waters to rise and the sun to break through the weeds
I still wanna be under your skin and inside your dreams
like the ancient hymns once sang, we've got to go where there's peace


the church bells may not calm you, or ever make you feel
you can protect your salvation when you don't know what's real
honey I've been there before, I can tell you just how it feels
you don't have to fall through the ice, come and let your soul heal

stand on the rooftops and dance with the lost sighing winds
let oursleves vanish from here like sweet innocence in sin
even if just for a little while, we can let this serenade begin
never say farewell to your wild heart or the prophet within

moonlight baby you can sleep tonight
even if the clouds try to hide the stars
moonlight woman, we'll find a light
so when you're down just fall into my arms
because you can save me
yes, you can save me.....


Lauren said... sorry to hear that =/
maybe this will make her and you both feel better though. It would comfort me. Just keep strong ^.^

Lauren said...

haha no...doesn't make me mad...
lucky though =]
Hope it's really cool.
Yeah, I dunno what you'd call Mae. Alternative maybe? I dunno. I kinda came across them by accident. They're good though. I love the lyrics to their music. I heard this song the other day and gah...I dunno, it was beautiful. "Crack the Shutters" by Snow Patrol. I've never really listened to them but this song just blew me away. The lyrics are really beautiful to me and emotional and it makes me feel really like...alive. I dunno. You should check it out. Good love song, to me at least.