Tuesday, May 26, 2009


because everything has dwindled down to a pair of sunglasses
and an empty lighter
and all the violins have been silenced,
because I've realized all of my lives
can never be re-traced
and I've grown too in love with you
ans I've been too willing to fall for you
and ignore my youth and my own beauty
I must not stay
there's a voice
beyond our candles
I must feel more than your presence and rhymes
I must live
I must hear, and burn,

I must go

Friday, May 15, 2009

Based off an old folk song

most of the lyrics are mine, except for the main part

"Blood in my Eyes"

Well I keep waking up, dear
to the break of dawn
sweat rolling off my skin and
my spirt stained and scarred

bolts of moon came rushing in but
they can't reach my heart
I got your voice in my brains and
just cold sighs in my arms

crawl out of the covers the
stars will be fading soon
hey hey bade I got blood in my eyes for you
hey hey babe I got blood in my eyes for you
I got blood in my eyes for you babe
I don't care what in the world you do

Slipped my soul into a sidewalk
had a dance with Miss Rain Girl
she brushed her hand against my cheek it
wasn't the same as you, girl

I felt the rush of her lips but
darling, the fire's never stirred
before she took me home I said
"I just can't see past her"

I could feel Rain's halo but
I'd rather make love with you
hey hey babe I got blood in my eyes for you
hey hey babe I got blood in my eyes for you
I got blood in my eyes for you babe
I don't care what in the world you do

I stay awake all night but
never see the moon
hey hey babe I got
blood in my eyes for you

Monday, May 11, 2009



I'd probably feel a whole lot better
if I packed up and took a red-eye flight
and drifted into a sea of stars
'stead of dreaming about our fire light

remembering how many times we fell
remembering how far I was willing to go
there shouldn't be a single doubt
baby, I'm the one who oughtta know

--I'm supposed to be untouchable--

I've struggled through barbed wire
and chased you down Valley Drive
you were the lost silver angel
that I tried to bring back to life

'till I swore one lonesome summer
that I wouldn't burn anymore
burried all the letters you wrote
never thought you'd come back to my door

I'm supposed to be untouchable
I don't wanna be the one in love
you were always so unattainable
I'm the one who was not enough

I don't wanna drown in you
but your words can make me feel
baby I'm lost with or without you
I gotta know if this time it's real

I swore I was untouchable
I swore I was untouchable...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Girl Fights

There have been a suprising number of fights at my school. I know there are bound to be fights at a high school because, well, it's high school. But why so many? And also, why are most of the fights between girls? I've only heard of a few guy fights, but I can't count the girl fights I've seen.

It's a horrible situation. Suffragists died of starvation and abuse to acheieve their right to vote. Feminists in the 70s decided that they didn't have to just stay at home and wear makeup and not work. Though woman in the workplace are still payed less than men, there has been tremendous progress.

So what is my generation doing? Why are the girls at school so mad at eachother?

And if you look at the shows on TV, excluding the smart ones most girls my age don't watch, there is so much promiscuity and fighting. How many reality shows do you see with some skinny woman dressed like a skank screaming expletives at someone?

TV stations made specifically for women used to have shows like Xena. But those have been replaced with shows about over-dramatic psychotic brides.

What is going on here?

First I want to focus on my school. This could be a task for the Gay Straight Alliance. Not only conditions at school could be improved, but the public's veiw of GSAs could also be improved.

What do you think?

Friday, May 1, 2009

"Last Song for the Long Time Gone"

I feel ya crying somewhere tonight
don't know what ya want, just what I'd like
I'd like for you to cry if you must
just know I'm praying, little darling
for your soul not to rust

I'll admit that my eyes got sore
from all the times we both were torn
couldn't find a spark down in the hole
but on came blue morning
and I went where I had to go

sitting in bed, writing lines to you
if ya ever need them, they might get you thru
any barbed wire or blinding heat
I won't ask ya to come back, little darling
follow the rhythmn of your feet

sometimes you may not remember me
that's alright, so long's ya walk happily
I'll soon figure out where I wanna start
at least I'm not the same girl
with a cork-screwed heart

I'm thinking 'bout your lips, 'bout your skin
how your laugh seemed to chime from within
then I remember that you're not alone
it may not me be, little darling
but someone's gonna lead you home.

"Drops of My Heart in the Sidewalk"

I'd love nothing more
--in this crooked and plastic world--
than to see your nerve ends
meet the watchful
and ominous


I'm in your hallway
haloed by a bare bulb
and 700 glass bottles
let me know babe
if you can surround me


Luna moth
please don't follow me
down to Midnight Row


can you drink
the dusk
when the nightwatchmen come
with their lights?