Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waiting for the Dawn

Remember when I stood in your yard
with the dead leaves at my feet
how I fell from your arms
and then got lost in the street

I saw your face in the window
covered in fingerprints and grime
that was left like a shadow
of the autumn that died

we saw the sun drowning
and i mocked your psalms
all those nights you found me
waiting for the dawn

you said I need a savior
so a savior was made
you thought "that ember might save her"
just left tar where my spirit caved

years ago I clawed at your door
and left scars in the wood
tried to find that answer
but I never could

it's that task of change or truth
that I always got wrong
my thunder left you bruised and
waiting for the dawn

I got a voice in my heart
but it's nothing like faith
and it's gotten so hard
to believe in what you gave

Don't know if I can cry
at the sight of the cross
can't feel your blood in mine
just this burden of loss

but I still remember the warmth of your palms
the taste of your sea
your feet on those rocks
and your arms that can't hold me
your arms that can't hold me
your arms that can't hold me
your arms that can't hold me
your arms that can't hold me
the place where I couldn't belong
still burns in my core
I'm searching for the dawn

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Let me Go"

Maybe it's just that we've been weary too long
talked to the wrong people or I didn't play the right song
or maybe it was my answer that made last night so wrong
you always needed so much of me, but honey I ain't that strong

well ya opened up your window and the light hit the ground
you thought I could be rescued but I had too much outta town
I ran into some tin angel and she wanted to show me around
why do you waste so much time, girl, waitin on me to be found?

don't stand on the shadowy street where ya just won't fit
or inside the shaman's alleyway where the ghosts won't quit
go back to where you came there's no shame in learning to forget
that we once had a sweet love but I couldn't find any use for it

so ignore those black crows, honey, down at the line I crossed
don't worry about sympathy babe it comes at so high a cost
haven't you had enough of lonely mornings filled with frost?
this time you really don't need another reason to just let me stay lost