Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell Mister James

We've made it back to the shore's edge
the wind's calling the tides
they're bringing me back the salt and sands
but I just can't swim this time
I'll carve my song into the rolling waves
then turn my shoulders to the ice
you can call me anything, old friend
just don't expect my reply

Chorus: so you can curse at your saviors
or set your rivers ablaze
there's just nothing here for me now
Mister James

Yes, I remember the blood in your eyes
and our postcards from wastelands
the smoke we blew into morning's vapors
how holy water turned to mud in our hands
you plunged your lips into my Irish chest
but I could never understand
whether you were the devil's son, the devil's king
or the saint of the Badlands


Well our back pages and tainted skin
dampened by the bolts of some madman's moon
couldn't deliver me from the soul's persecutor
and my wild mouth broke too soon
I can't keep running with the alley serpents
into raw-heated streams of maroon
strike a match against your thief's cold wall
I'm stepping into the highlands of truth


Sunday, February 22, 2009

wrote this a while back

is that me in the streetlight?
or is that me in a dusky field?
Can you tell me where I'm going, babe
Come and show me what is real

Are you a denim angel girl
or are you some midnight queen?
don't know who you are, but
won't you come save me?
won't you come save me?

I'm laying on my bedroom rug
I'm drunk somewhere our west
trying to find the golden answer
or fighting just for simple rest

Maybe you've heard enough
or maybe you can still believe
you don't know who I am, but
won't you come save me?
won't you come save me?

I just keep breaking too much
but I can't stop opening my door
maybe you're sick of my hurting
maybe you can stand a little more

Now all I've got is coffee and hunger
or will morning give me more to see?
I know you could go anywhere, but
won't you come save me?
won't you come save me?

Outside there's frost in the dirt
and I've gotten so damned tired
I'd go out there and breathe out ghosts
but nothing will cool this fire

and I'm too confused to care
if I'm lost, found, or somewhere between
but you know that I'm too alone
so won't you come save me?
won't you come
save me?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

short, sweet

"Colorado (Letter to Dad)"

See summer's coming on
I can feel it's fresh green
I'm gonna go change my name
and find another scene

Colorado will you take me in?
I need something to lean on

Although I was born here
it won't let me breathe
now I don't have a home
and I'm sick of the heat

Colorado will you take me in?
I need something to lean on

Daddy, I have to say goodbye
don't you worry about me
I know you want me to stay
but I just gotta be free

Colorado please take me in
I need something
to dream on

sounds better with music, me on guitar and someone else singing....someone who can actually sing, Lord knows I can't.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

random free verse

the heat's soaking my spine
I'm bathing at your window
with my eyes all full of taillights
of all the people that don't know driving by

how much longer
how much longer
how much
how much....

And I'm wonderin if I'm alive
cause I swore and I swore
I was gone I was done
I've been shot down, I know the score

how much longer
how much longer
how much
how much...

one time too many
I've reached for the rain and got scorched
wound up walking and walking
"Hey hey babe I got
blood in my eyes for you"
slipping my soul into a sidewalk

how much longer
how much longer
how much
how much....

but something tells me it's different
there's something in the strength of your skin
you voice, blessed voice, is singing my songs
don't tell me to go back tonight
the curve of you thigh
has got me paralyzed

how much longer
how much longer
how much
how much...

(how much of me
is strong enough to be touched?)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Going to Church with my Grandparents

thought I'd share something more light-hearted.

My grandparents are very old-fashioned religious people.....who live in the middle of the twilight zone. Lynn. I'm related to everybody there. My grandfather lives a short walk from his mother, who is STILL ALIVE because that woman is gonna outlive Keith Richards. On the other side of my grandparents house is my cousins....I think. Maybe great aunt and great uncle and third, fourth, or fifth cousins. I got no idea, I can't keep up with those people.
Anyway, whenever my sister and I stayed over, we had to go to their church, which is a Church of God. This means that no one can sing or play piano and everybody cries.
Getting ready in the morning was the hard part. My grandmother would tell my sis and I to get up, I'd get up, and then my sis would go into a coma. Then my grandfather would walk in with his face covered with shaving cream and start screaming "MY BABIES! GET UP! IT'S TIME FER SUNDEE SCHOO'!" while my grandmother walked back and forth between the two bathrooms in a slip with curlers in her hair. That was her thing, and she did that for about 20 minutes. Dunno why.
My grandmother and all the women who go to that church have an obsession with underclothes. Apparently it's a crime to just wear underwear, oh no you can't do that. Three pairs of underwear, a girdle, a slip, and pantyhose. Oh Lord, these women have to have their pantyhose. Of course, most of them also put them over their head to keep their curlers in place. And I am related to these people. What's funny is when they go out and forget to take them off.
They wear pantyhose, but their skirts come down to their ankles.
The men put on a shirt and jeans, then pat some water on their hair, unless they're bald. While my grandmother ran back and forth between the bathrooms and yelled at my sister, my grandfather would be in the living room watching Mister Ed. That was his job. He was a professional.
Then there's actual "Sundee Schoo'". Real fire and brimstone, head slappin', random people lying on the floor, my sister running back and forth to the bathroom, and fake flowers all over the place.

The are a few quotes. (keep it in mind, these people are dead serious.)

"The Beatles cause HO-MO-SEX-U-AL-I-TY in America!"
"I look around and it makes me sick, all these people in America divorcing, blacks marrying whites, schools teaching kids to be gay, schools teaching kids how to have sex, people thinking we shouldn't go to war....."
"Wearing your hat backwards means you're bisexual, which means you'll sleep with anything."
"Be careful what you buy because these clothing companies perform strange rituals on their clothes and put evil spirits in them so you'll buy them and turn bad! My son started smoking pot after he bought this one shirt!"

and my favorite, "If you look at a person, you can tell if they're a homosexual or not. You can sense their spirit and know that it's not right, that they're perverted and takin' of sins of the flesh!"

And I sat there trying not to laugh.

Then everyone would leave to go to Wal Mart or Jack's.


I don't think my grandparents believe in all of that, but they still go to listen to it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Need You Darling (yet another love song)

Nothing girl, could ever contain you
or sum you up in scribbled lines
I know there's more to your wanderin' blues
your Irish heart, or your Cherokee eyes

Am I lost? oh, your voice has slayed me
the light's shining off your emerald ring
I'm alone and wanting to be surrounded
by your hair flashing like blackbird wings

There's this feeling I can't recognize
so honey, let me follow you down
to the crystal assurance of your mirror
then maybe you can reach me somehow

Can ya tell me that my spirit ain't empty
or as broken as it seems
I need to believe babe, and more than that
I wanna feel the weight of your dreams

I just don't know what's hiding inside
my life's tumbling thru some desolate sea
won't ya hold these hands and this heart
so I can know what's real in me