Thursday, February 18, 2010

Song for Donna

You say you're haunted by your memories
that come in and turn everything black
you're standing in your sanctuary
but you've got both hands tied behind your back

and the mornings get so cold
after a night in some mad man's point of veiw
please remember, he might own a lotta pain
but he don't own you

you're so much better than anything in him
he can't even touch that light within
I know you're shaken and it's hard to believe
but someday he'll be gone like smoke in a dirty wind

your angelic eyes are proof enough
tht a thing like him can't conquer one undying truth
he might own a lotta pain, but he don't own you

No one here wants to have you barred
and you don't belong in any cage
but freedom's something you havta find for yourself
after you've broken past some phantom's rage

if the door's locked, please crawl out the window
you've got everything ya need to make it through
cause after all he might own a lotta pain, but he don't own you

Friday, February 5, 2010

I've been sick....

for three days. This came outta the blue....after a pot of coffee....

"Can I Lie Next to You Tonight?"

lately baby I ain't doin so well
and this fever just won't get down
my hallways cluttered with too many trinkets
and I really miss havin you around

now the story is that I left for someone new
but honey it was never like that
its just that I need to drift away sometimes
and the whole feeling turns into this vanishing act

chorus: can I lie next to you tonight?
I ain't askin for very much
can I dream next to you tonight?
lately the whole scene's gotten so rough...

I understand babe if ya think I'm far too strange
to ever take into any consideration
but there's no place to go and the streets are folding
and I ain't askin' ya to heal these tribulations

just for a minute of tenderness by letting me in
would suffice for this soul of ashtray dreams
I promise someday I won't need your light
just as soon as I'm clear of all the warm smoke rings


Yes, your mercy is something I've never deserved
and God knows why I always run and hide
while you stand in the highlands where the ghosts dont walk
I shouldn't even attempt to leave it all behind
I couldn't even if I tried
'cause darling I can't stand to leave you behind
oh will you still let me inside?

honey can I lie next to you tonight?
if that's not askin' for too much
sweet woman can I dream next to you tonight?
lately my world has gotten so rough

Monday, February 1, 2010

Trying something....

"Where are We Now?"

you walked on by me
still i didn't see you
and opened your coat to the wind
and let it fall in front of me
still I didn't see you

or myself
my light
caught up in some tide
that's breaking
for no one anymore

and the bricks of our home
got so cold
got so cold
and the tiles started to crack
and the wet street was black
and you ain't ever comin back
never comin back
I'm never comin back, no

tell me who's dreaming
tell me who's dreamed up this kingdom
in apartment number 5
tell me who needs to hear my goodbye

old scenes gone sour
and some diamond no one admired
and then you got gone
deep into yourself and
blew the last candle out

so I climbed
and I wanted you to split and
feel me back inside
I tried
but it's this something
it's faith sleeping with a lie
I wanted inside
could I get inside
and No wails the look in those eyes

don't tell me why
don't tell me why
just tell me
what spirit or what body
needs to hear
my goodbye