Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Angel (part...something)

Tomorrow's just going to be there. . . it will have no room for what I'm feeling tonight. And right now there's not even enough room for a solid explanation. . . . my clothes have gotten lose, I'm craving another cheap cigar, "Desolation Row" just ended and that's the end of that record.
Everyone's supposed to be able to see Mars tonight, but when I looked out I couldn't find it, I just stood out there barefoot, staring at the mist-covered Heavens and gave that look of "well, where are we now?" and I couldn't decide whther to reach out or turn away, as usual.
A furry smoke colored cat looked at me before padding off across the rain-denched street. . . . And right now I'm sitting at my desk next to my window, scribbling away, no words for prayer, a stack of forms to be filled out and mailed. . . .
and the point is that it's too cold for Alabama and I'm tired of pouring everything in me out into the night sky outside that damn window and I just want to lie down and sleep next to you tonight.

Stray cat moves 'cross an empty street
everybody's inside
I went lookin' for my angel
Have ya left me behind?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sleaze (midnight Row)

not much....just seeing if I could pull this off. Not sure about it.

well it's gotten so hot in here babe
don't it make ya feel uneasy?
well it's gotten so dark out there babe
don't it make everyone seem uneasy?

well I see she's lookin' at you
after everybody else is gone
I know who's on your mind
but God I can't stay long

I'm riding low,
past the highlands,
down to Midnight Row

once you needed an angel
but the angel was spent
luckily babe you're so willing to, uh,
settle for what you can get

Yes I know that you're thinking
you might just walk out with me
but first explain what she's doing
with her fingers runnin' up your sleeve

I'm gonna ride low,
past the Highlands,
down to Midnight Row

Seems like the night is wailin'
but you don't wanna live without
you could come home with me
but that aint what this is about

So I'll make no promise, babe
and leave you two the scene
if it's not twisted enough for ya
babe you know where I'll be

Guess I'm ridin' low,
far from the Highlands,
down on Midnight Row