Saturday, August 15, 2009

Short song for my girlfriend...

...she's been busy....and far away....and I miss her so much...

"Song for Beladonna"

Down the sidewalk cats are walking
and the clouds are standing still
my own true love is too far
too far away for me to feel
and she's taken something from me
and I wonder if she knows

oh I miss you Beladonna
when you go out on the road

sitting in the same doorway
as cicadas chirp their serenade
trying to visualize the room
where my babe and I once stayed
there's no one's breath inside my sheets
and my coffee's getting cold

oh I miss you Beledonna
when I'm stuck here on my own

I still make my bread and work
everyday just like before
but with an echo always moaning
that now there's something more
I hope she does what she has to
but there's a truth she must know

oh I miss you Beladonna
please don't leave me all alone

it must be getting rough out there
from the way the wind is sounding
I can't remember my true love's touch
or feel my heart a-soflty pounding
will my darling hear this song
wherever she decides to go?

oh I miss you Beladonna
and I need us to find a home


Lauren said...

I liked the last line. It was a good way to like...sum up the entire song. I liked it tho. I hope she liked it too ^.^ How's school been going for you?

Yoel Engel said...

I just wrote a song about love for my girlfriend and I thought your lyrics are amazing! :P but anyhoo... you're blog is wayy nicer than mine that's for sure! If you have the extra 3 minutes to listen to the song I wrote that's on youtube, click here Girlfriend Love Songs and dont forget to rate and comment the song! :) thanx SOOOOOO much! :D