Wednesday, November 30, 2011

some songs

"Hit and Run"
I got a funny feelin' tonight Lord
something's comin on and I don't have much time
there's a new darkness to this winding road
and something more behind these cold eyes
she left me waiting at her siter's house
she left meprayin to the bloody moon
I walked the floor, lit a smoke, and tried not to crumble
as the sound of sirens filled the silent room
well I thought my chest just might cave in
thought my hands would never be clean
there was soemthin goin on somewhere but I didn't notice
my brain jsut kept playin our last scene

that night our bedroom was a battleground
where all wars are only fought in vain
we took our twisted words and hurled them hard as we could
into eachothers hearts without refrain
my blood was burning at the thought of defeat
she took a breath and let her tears flow
we both stood there wounded in the unforgiving dusk
then I turned my back to keep from watchin her go
for three long hours Iblasted through the rain
jsut hit the gas and let her fly
last words I heard before my world was ripped open
were "he was drunk, it was a hit and run, and Louise just..."

I went out searchin, searchin 'til I was blind
with the devil chasin after me
there was a busted ford on the edge of town
and a busted man staring back at me
my heart hit the bone as I slammed on the brakes
and stepped out with fire in my veins
I caught him against the wet solid ground
and his blood mixed with the rain
I heard his screams, then nothin else
just a silence rollin hard and deep
I stood over his body and watche dhim fade away
into the void where the angels must weep

I drove past the town where my baby was born
past the land we called our home
well they say to everything there's a season
but who among us would ever really know
I got a funny feeling right now Lord
dawn's breakin and I don't ahve much time
I won't hang my head and ask for forgiveness
this sins are all I ahve left inside
since I made my baby cry

"Let Love Be"
Well I ain’t sleepin’ tonight, not in the mood for dreams
not when I still feel you so close to me
I like to think that a thin wall is all that’s standin between
me and you, babe, and all the love that could be

I know you’re sitting there all alone
I wonder if all these feelings will show
once morning comes with its sacred glow
if you ever wanted me, honey would you let me know

Well I hear a wolf howling in the night
howling for the tenderness he denied
Colorado wind’s blowing icy across the line
that divides faith from fact, and your heart from mine

I know I’ll see you tomorrow, I know I’ll yearn
for you to hold me again just like before
hold me so tight that this fire don’t burn
until you run too far away, it don’t even return

Honey do you know what you do to me
Sometimes I wanna shout, but don’t dare speak
for fear of discovering exactly what’s comin between
the worlds we inherit that won’t let love be
whatever it is, I wanna tear it down
and set this love free

"Lay Me Down"

Well sometimes I get tired of fighting
of bangin my fists against the wall
I’m comin home tonight Melinda
it’s better than just comin to a fall

Between all the bosses and late nights
I’ve gotten too weary to break free
I guess I ain’t exactly the strongest man
but I’m strong enough to admit when I’m weak

Chorus: So just stay up a little longer
and pretty soon I’ll come around
all I ask is that you greet me with your kiss
and sweet baby just lay me down

There’re so many people on the line
demanding everything we need
I’ve been slaving like a fool down here
wondering how many of us have to bleed

Well I don’t claim to provide any answers
darling I just know none have come
but right now the answers don’t matter much
right now all I care about is your sweet love


honey take your hands of sanctuary
and run them over this body of stone
sink with me into the light of our bed
and remind me how I found my home

'cause I come alive at the sound of your name
and in the blessed surrender and mercy
I don’t wanna run, I don’t wanna chase
I don’t want no shallow dream that’ll curse me


Maybe tomorrow I’ll rise again
and be ready for the world outside
that can take everything you believe
until you wish it had taken your life

but someday we’ll stand proud knowing
they could never tear us apart
but tonight, I ain’t lookin for victory
I’m just yearning for the beat of your heart