Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Meet Me in T-Town Tonight"

I spent my whole life hoping and praying with everything I had to get out of Alabama. I was born in Birmingham, then lived in Pelham, Jasper, then grew up in Tuscaloosa. I never felt like I belonged, and like many people who don't belong I left as soon as I could and vowed to never come back. Obviously, that was another plan that hasn't come to fruition.
In Boulder I met a golden-haired boy and unfortunately (or maybe not so unfortunately...someday...)fell in love. He was a friend of mine, and then he wasn't. Mistakes were made on both sides, but the point is two people lost a friend.

On April 27 a tornado destroyed my home town. A few weeks later, I came back for the summer.

silky rays of light find their way to land
and soon rest upon the ruins of man
trails of glass, boarded windows, rust and sand
are all that's left of the place where I made my stand

Your memory comes to me on an evening wind
and I dream of holding you in my arms again
as I walk these paths of innocence and sin
I unbutton my shirt and let it break my skin

chorus: is this goodbye my darling I don't know
but the love we gave still gives me life
if there's anything left to say before I let you go
meet me in T Town tonight

dark clouds rose and fell to the earth
and left their mark on the street of my birth
lights of small towns that i once cursed
flicker off and on a thousand miles from where we were

lonely nights give way to a summer's dawn
I rise witout a sound and then press on
well they tell me you can't save what don't belong
that's what's done is done and what's gone is gone


twisted metal and crosses cover the horizon line
as I think and dream of your strong blue eyes
I whisper my prayer to the unrelenting skies,
taste your name and into the cool muddy river I dive.

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Lauren said...

This is beautiful. I absolutely love it.