Tuesday, May 24, 2011

another song about the same person


Well I'm riding south with these walkin blues
that I used to know before I fell for you
and I pray that they carry me somewhere soon
cause one cloudy night in our mountain town
you looked in my eyes and ran from what you found
I guess it's best that I stoped coming around

chorus: cause you see yourself in everybody
and I don't see me in anybody
I guess it's just me and the moon tonight
i guess it's just me and the fireflies
dancin a dance taht I learned a long time ago
and even tho i want you so badly
I know I got to let you go
I'm just a firefly dancin on his own

Maybe we ran outta time or got caught up
in everything that was never enough
you learn a lot about people when times get rough
so take your secrets and toss them aside
I have no use for what you'd rather hide
you have my love but my soul is still mine


like a river without any name
or a broken heart with no one to blame
I'm standing here waitin for the rain
and ocne I thought I was nothing without you
but i can make it without you
though it hurts so much without you


It's just a stormy night and I'm gonna face it alone
I'm just a firefly and i gotta find my home

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