Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well then....

My mom just found out she got the job in Baltimore. She can't afford to move my sister and I and all our stuff moved there, so my sister and I will either stay here by ourselves or stay at our grandparents' house, depending on how long it will take for my mom to save up enough money.

I hope to God this works out. Alabama hasn't been kind to any of us. Seriously, there's nothing for us here. We just keep getting kicked around like rag dolls here. So I get to go to Baltimore, then back to lovely Boulder to start my sophomore year.

I may never have to come back to Alabama again. That would be awesome...coming back to Alabama only if I want to, not because I have to. Which may be never. If I do i wanna wait a few years, maybe 20. I also want to take the opportunity to express how glad and thankful I am to have gotten out of Alabama (for the most part) when I did. I'm very lucky Naropa accepted me and my mom always encouraged me to do what I want and GET OUT OF THIS DAMN PLACE, as she always put it. I'm also glad I went to college single; I've seen what happens to high school sweethearts when they go off to college (usually. Not everyone breaks up, I'm just pretty sure that's what would happen to me). Plus there's all the fun that comes with being single in college, and a liberal one at that. . .

Anyway, feelin pretty fine right now.

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