Friday, May 13, 2011

Another song about the one who ripped my heart through my ass

"Life Itself"

We met on a ragged trail
of death and brilliant life
under the green groves of summer
you held me to your side
I thought I knew my story
but it carelessly re-wrote itself
darling you were just somebody close
and then you were life itself

you were life itself, you held me with your eyes
and life itself, rushing like the winds
that left me here with wounded arms
so wearily open to the void
that’s been breaking my heart

You had your storybook secrets
and then you had mine
all the lives that I once guarded
soon slipped away in time
I ran through fields of fire
despite my condition and health
with a promise of rain, a promise of virtue
and a promise of life itself

of life itself, cool water to my lips
and life itself, breaking who I used to be
carrying me from the other side of day
but there’s no promise just a phantom
in the home where you can’t stay

I wasn’t one for devotion
i hung my head and made that vow
deep in that canyon of cold harsh stone
but your spirit made it through somehow
tell me can i make it without you
without losing a part of myself
never thought I’d be a stranger to my heart
just searching for life itself

when you were life itself, rushing over me
and life itself, I gave you all of me
so willingly i surrendered my soul
God have mercy on the man
who doubts the only truth he holds

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