Thursday, January 7, 2010

Long Night (You're Not Alone)

midnight in my shabby apartment
back in the town that's not my home
my mind's racin but I don't wanna stop it
suddenly there's so much I have to do alone

but hey just listen to me babe
whenever you can't see the sun
you can take it from me babe
you're not the only one

My eyes were so hazey this morning
then I was forced against the wall
bad days come with so little warning
leave ya feelin too much or nothin at all

but hey just listen to me friend
whenever the seams come undone
you can at least take it from me
you're not the only one

I know we're kinda lost tonight
and the stars are covered in dust
lately I'm not sure if I'm alright
sometimes it's ourselve we gotta learn to trust

but hey listen to me babe
even if you still can't find your sun
just lie back down and believe me babe
you're not the only one

someday I'll leave this old apartment
someday you'll find where you belong
but now my heart is racin and I can't stop it
until someday, the nights could get long
sometimes the night's just gotta be long

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