Friday, January 8, 2010

"A Hard Way Down #2"

honey, I aint askin for your wild love
don't expect any sign from above
and right now I'm too wired to sleep
I don't even wanna be alright
pride's got nothing to do with tonight
just don't give me anything to keep

you wanna show me around?
maybe get lost and never found
girl it's been such a hard way down

I once knew this cracked up queen
somewhere down in New Orleans
we don't talk so much these days
there's this thing I left at her door
that no one wants to deal with no more
and honestly that's all I wanna say

lets ride to some other town
and get high on the sound
'cause it's been such a hard way down

how much do you really wanna know?
I guess I've got a little room to grow
but i'll never ask you to save me

don't want you to tell me I'm okay
just let me go down by the way
I'll find some other time to be free

come on won't you show me how
to get lost and never found
don't you see it's been a hard
don't you know it's been such a hard way down

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I like the line about getting lost and never found. Really good =]