Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"She Don't Know I Wasn't Made for This"

Honey why do ya wanna make me feel so uneasy
with your assumptions and your stained glass?
well you're so self-assured about what I'm needing
and what's gonna rescue this nicoteen-stained soul at last

oh but I never meant for you to get so very close
to my cracked visions or my crutch
and tonight it feels like something's closing in
it gets so had to breathe, but you don't seem to feel it so much

What if I should ever cause you to suddenly break?
and what if I lost that ember burning within?
please understand it's not your love I'm fearin'
I'm just a little nervous about that box you wanna keep me in

honey it's alright if you think I'm too hard to hold
when you try to it drives me out of my mind
I never asked for your verse or skeleton key
and I never asked for your heart, so please don't take mine

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Really good =]
I wanted to ask you about that creative writing club that UA does. I think I might be too late to sign up for it lol but I just wanted to ask you about it since you've did it.