Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well she don't laugh much now
& I don't care to cry for no one
and I know that she might linger
but should ride behind the sun

heaven knows what we were after
but it was so hard to find
and now the dusk is rising
and I wanna run and hide

I don't even wanna touch
on that feeling weeks ago
or the reason that I'm after
or the reason I don't know

but she yearns to play the part
of the everlasting one
she don't see I gotta tell her
that she can't be the one

I turn and think 'bout that savior
I made some summer night
and shes talking 'bout beginnings
and I'm remembering that goodbye

cause I'm not one for faith and
she's not the one to hurt
now she's staring back at me
but I'm staring right through her

then I don't ask for forgiveness
and she don't know when I fell
now the tables are empty
but it's not our first fare well

as I turn and I stumble seeing
she's never really gone
Lord why does this angel beg
and long for me to be the one

but I'm not no I'm not
I just stole the only key
and then soon tossed it aside
to someone who's not me

and she tells all her secrets
and she forgets about her pride
while the storm above her threatens
God she's not afraid to cry

tell me why did I bother and
tell me why don't she leave
all of this cruel abandon
and all the kerosene

she wants to lay down beside me
and wait for the dawn
while I try to talk to you
but it doesn't feel like we're one
no I don't feel like we're one

Well she hasn't taken much
what I've given I can't say
was it you who decided
that I wasn't meant to stay

or did I vanish like the song
that once made her laugh
or am I gone like the name
that I wasn't born to have

oh the streets have been shrouded
but the kingdom's much too far
past the bells past the winds
and a vision that left a scar

once we thought we knew better
than to let it all be done
but the nights flooding over and
we still can't feel the one....

"She's Still a Friend of Mine"

my plane's leavin' babe
at half past five
and we haven't talked so much
since we both got so unkind

but I
can't help to keep you in mind
and I could but just don't want to
forget that old friend of mine

well I decided babe
to search for higher ground
and I would not mind so much
if I ever saw you around

but we're still running
further on down that line
even tho neither of us has ever
even said goodbye

so if I
ever mention you sometime
I'll remember and I'll wonder
and say, "she was a friend of mine"

Now for everything we've done
I think we've paid the cost
and everybody can admit to
being just a little lost

and I
am thinkin of droppin a line
over the mountains and the rivers
to that old friend of mine

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