Tuesday, May 26, 2009


because everything has dwindled down to a pair of sunglasses
and an empty lighter
and all the violins have been silenced,
because I've realized all of my lives
can never be re-traced
and I've grown too in love with you
ans I've been too willing to fall for you
and ignore my youth and my own beauty
I must not stay
there's a voice
beyond our candles
I must feel more than your presence and rhymes
I must live
I must hear, and burn,

I must go


Lauren said...

wow...I really like this. It's very deep and makes me want to pick through the lines and figure out the underlining meaning. Yeah, it's totally cool. I know you've probably been really busy. I guess I could've left some more indepth comments. Thanks for reading it though. I know it probably took a lot of time. I'm big on description. It's like my favorite part. I try to write description without making it really boring. I can respect anyone that can make scenery interesting lol

Christolear said...

That was really good. Katie, you are amazing. We need to talk or hang out or something, too, man.