Friday, May 1, 2009

"Drops of My Heart in the Sidewalk"

I'd love nothing more
--in this crooked and plastic world--
than to see your nerve ends
meet the watchful
and ominous


I'm in your hallway
haloed by a bare bulb
and 700 glass bottles
let me know babe
if you can surround me


Luna moth
please don't follow me
down to Midnight Row


can you drink
the dusk
when the nightwatchmen come
with their lights?



Lauren said...
I liked the last stanza. I totally just forgot what line it was I liked. Lol. It said something about drinking light. I think. I would love to know the meaning behind this one lol

Lauren said...

OH! Drink the dusk. That's what it was. I liked that line a lot.
and it's okay. I don't get any comments either lol. Just from you. I guess it's because we aren't bloggers lol