Friday, May 1, 2009

"Last Song for the Long Time Gone"

I feel ya crying somewhere tonight
don't know what ya want, just what I'd like
I'd like for you to cry if you must
just know I'm praying, little darling
for your soul not to rust

I'll admit that my eyes got sore
from all the times we both were torn
couldn't find a spark down in the hole
but on came blue morning
and I went where I had to go

sitting in bed, writing lines to you
if ya ever need them, they might get you thru
any barbed wire or blinding heat
I won't ask ya to come back, little darling
follow the rhythmn of your feet

sometimes you may not remember me
that's alright, so long's ya walk happily
I'll soon figure out where I wanna start
at least I'm not the same girl
with a cork-screwed heart

I'm thinking 'bout your lips, 'bout your skin
how your laugh seemed to chime from within
then I remember that you're not alone
it may not me be, little darling
but someone's gonna lead you home.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I wish I could write songs =[
and you should write like...a love story one day. Your romantic stuff is really good. Like...when you write stuff about love, it seems really honest. That's what I think makes it really good.