Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Girl Fights

There have been a suprising number of fights at my school. I know there are bound to be fights at a high school because, well, it's high school. But why so many? And also, why are most of the fights between girls? I've only heard of a few guy fights, but I can't count the girl fights I've seen.

It's a horrible situation. Suffragists died of starvation and abuse to acheieve their right to vote. Feminists in the 70s decided that they didn't have to just stay at home and wear makeup and not work. Though woman in the workplace are still payed less than men, there has been tremendous progress.

So what is my generation doing? Why are the girls at school so mad at eachother?

And if you look at the shows on TV, excluding the smart ones most girls my age don't watch, there is so much promiscuity and fighting. How many reality shows do you see with some skinny woman dressed like a skank screaming expletives at someone?

TV stations made specifically for women used to have shows like Xena. But those have been replaced with shows about over-dramatic psychotic brides.

What is going on here?

First I want to focus on my school. This could be a task for the Gay Straight Alliance. Not only conditions at school could be improved, but the public's veiw of GSAs could also be improved.

What do you think?


Lauren said...

I'm not going to lie. I hate on other girls a lot. Mainly because I've always been very insecure in relationships and with myself because of how I've been treating by other guys and things like that. I've never really been in a fight with a girl, but I think girls fight so much because it's like...girls think we have to hate on eachother all the time. Girls seem to like drama now. I don't really understand why. I think it's just how girls view themselves now. Girls obsess too much about what other people think of them and how other guys see them. Girls now a days see...being a different light. I think girls saw being tough back then way differtly then now in our generation. Now it's tough because I can beat another girls ass or because I can sleep with everyone guy I see. It's rediculous but I fall under the same temptations of wanting to be better than other girls. I think it's s steriotypical thing now that girls are just falling into. I understand what you're saying about history though. It's been bothering me lately because we're learning about the 60's and 70s in history and we've had to watch this Civil Rights Movement Video and I actually listen and pay attention to it, because I think it's important to see and understand that people were wrongly hurt and that people died for a freedom...and lots of the kids in my class laugh at parts in the video that aren't funny. Like scene of people being hurt that shouldn't be funny at all. Sometimes I want to be know...those people could've been people like us. I mean...some of you are even black and you're laughing at it. And us white kids can't laugh either. It makes us as bad as the people that actually shot and tortured blacks in that time. I don't know. The world's just messed up.

Steven said...

The 60's were my elementary years and the 70's were my teen years. Though, I don't think things have changed much. People still fight for the same reasons: status, pride, self-preservation, territory, et al. The stakes are higher because the weapons are more dangerous and there seems to be a more desensitized attitude about violence.

It's tough in high school (Hell, even in Jr. HS) these days. I'm glad I don't have to deal with it anymore. My saving grace was that I was a member of the football team, which didn't make us tough or surly or Lords of anything. But people looked up to us. I didn't realize it back then.

I hope girls in school can find an outlet also. My daughter participated in competition cheerleading in JHS and then participated in drama. I think that helped here surround herself with others that weren't into "real-time drama." She and here friends had an outlet and were insulated from the other cliques.

Thanks for your post; it gave me lots to think about.


Lauren said...

Thanks for the comment =]
lol yea...people just piss me off lol. I don't understand the way people think sometimes. It's hard for me to understand retarded people lol. There are some real problems with people today and with the way the world runs. Your quotes make a lot of sense, thanks for sharing them with me. I used to let my emotions tear me apart. I went through a really bad time last semester that honestly almost ended my life. Thankfully I'm better now. My life is honestly perfect, in my mind. It has its flaws, but those can be overlooked. Life goes on. No matter what happens. That's the one thing about life you can sorta rely on. I like that I can talk to you about stuff like this. It's nice to find someone that understands a lot of my views and likes to listen. It's hard to find people that would rather listen to what another person thinks than rant about their own opinions.