Thursday, June 4, 2009

Must have written this years ago....

seems like the kinda thing I was writing at the time. It's funny how styles change so much over might sound better with a chorus but I never wrote one for it.

you got a hoodlum's blind son protected at your side
and my plastic flames just melt down in your eyes
and the songs of our psalms are slowly drifting by
how can I finally run to you?
our childhood wavered like fields of sky
I'm still thristy for your words that chimed
I fell into their music and silver light
where can I at last find you?

You broke the door when the skeleton key rusted in rain
with your shoulders of metal and fingers of lace
it never mattered that the night watchers never came
how long must I go without you?
with your poems painted on your sheets of day
and my wounds like mercury and your gentle escape
the way the avenue allights when your gates give way
how can I ever forget you?

You immaculately smiled at the thieves of Sugartown
then stepped into Midnight Row where they couldn't follow down
oh sad-eyed savior can you hear the sound
of my limbs shaking for you?
with the highlands of the fortune tellers tumbling around
and the smell of wildwood rising from the streets where I drowned
and both of us wearing the same thorny crown
tell me can i live without you?

there's a chorus of stars burned into your sun
it's stained from that July I spent wounded by love
and I can still taste that waters touched by your tongue
you know I'll never leave you
in your arms there's a journey that hasn't begun
I'm carving some lines that the churchbells once sung
into your iron doorway where the hinges came undone
you know I will stand by you

with your eyes that held a thousand bleeding souls
and your milk-white hands tangled in with the road
and all the fog-angels who can't stand to see you go
how could you ever dissapeer?
with your matchbook prayers from Canyon Road
and the moonbeams on your lips where they couldn't corrode
and the prophecy of dawn melted into your bones
don't you know I wish you were here?

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Lauren said...

You're stuff always been really good. I think when we used to read it back in the day it was super over our heads. I think that's good though. You're a really mature writer. Hard to find people like that. Especially in our age and all. I liked it. Really good. The thing about your writing that I love so much is that you can find so much hidden meaning. Awesome lol totally