Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vacation. Damnit.

I need one and I'm getting one. My sister, my grandparents, my uncle, and I are going to Destin for a week. I know it's not exactly a "cool" place and it's touristy and I'm with my conservative squeaky-clean grandparents, but I'm looking forward to it. It's a cahnce to get away from my dad and stepmom's craziness (which is the reason why my grandparents are doing this for us) and just swim in the ocean and play music with my sister. We started working on some of my songs a week ago, but then she went off to a church thing and I've missed it a lot.

My sister and I used to never be able to play together because we fought too much. We're really two really different people and very different musicians. She's incredibly talented and very thourough and knows more about theory than I probably ever will. I just wanna play a few chords with some blues riffs and whine out some Dylan or Springsteen-inspired lyrics. But the songs I wrote in Boulder seem to mesh pretty well with what Julie does and I'm just thrilled to be playing with someone. All I have to do is play what I want and then give her time alone to work out what she wants to do (which means a lot of coffee breaks for me) and then we get togther 20 minutes later. The only issue is that she has the attention span of a moth and I'd rather focus on the same thing until it's done, but I'm not gonna push anything and ruin this fragile dynamic we got going now.

So now we're gonna do this by the beach. All the people in Tuscaloosa that have been treating us like garbage can kiss our ass because we can make something they can't and never will.

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