Friday, September 4, 2009

Today's Blues

"Lover's Blues"

hope you know I'm a-leavin babe
won't be back 'till dawn
don't know where I'm goin babe
but I'll end up back in our front yard
and by the time I reach the door
I'll still be singin' this song
and if you don't let me inside
then Lord I've gone all wrong

the moon is a-sinkin babe
sinking down across the line
and wouldn't it be so beautiful
if something reached me just in time
well the air is so stuffy but
darling don't you look so fine
with the stars in you hair and
someone else on your mind

gonna find me some city babe
made for souls on the run
gonna take all of my sorrows babe
and see what they can become
well you may be a sweet talker but you're
not so good when it comes to love
it I'd known your heart was just wandering
then honey I never would have come

"Fixin' to Die 2009"

(got this from Bukka White's "Fixin to Die". I added my own lyrics, of course.)

feelin' funny in my eyes Lord I believe I'm fixin' to die (x2)
well I don't ever want to and I'd hate to leave my mother cryin'

well my walls are on fire and I'd hate to leave my sister alone(x2)
but I'm a-barely breathin' and my hands are turning cold

I've prayed and I've prayed I guess I didn't do it right (x2)
some say it's a calling but I don't see no light

feelin' funny in my limbs lord I believe I'm fixin' to die (x2)
well I didn't see it comin and I'd hate to leave my lover cryin'

I've got my suitcase and guitar, I need to go on the run (x2)
Lord I hate where I'm livin', I hate where I come from

whiskey can't kill ya as quick as this stubborn town (x2)
some might try to stop me, but they shoulda known I'd leave somehow

feelin' funny in my soul Lord God and I don't wanna die (x2)
please let these wheels take me far past the broken county line

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Lauren said...

Did you write the first song? Because I loved that one. It was REALLY good. I loved the line about having the stars in her hair. It was really creative. Sad, but it was really true to how life goes. It's so hard to find love. I liked it though ^.^