Wednesday, September 9, 2009

don't know...

I feel like I really need to write a chorus, but I can't think of one and it seems like one of those that I'll just forget about in two days and never finish. Should I? No clue. But it is what it is I guess.

I was never one for loving or for petals on the stairs
and I never expected to fall for anyone for a while
but still I find myself forgetting that I don't care
and trying to keep this night from turning wild

you've got some fiery midwest past but I don't mind
someone must have hurt you somewhere back then
didn't know what to think but in a minute you were inside
and I know denying that must be some kinda sin

I'm not sayin' I'm a saint, just mysteriously saved
from whatever it was that tried to bring me down
don't know if you're an angel, but thanks for all you gave
but honey we've got to know each other somehow

'cause now I wake up early and walk across the floor without you
don't know when or how you'll be back to me
is there someone else or do you have something to prove?
or maybe we just can't figure out how to be free

Seems like the moment we stood something made us crawl
and this morning babe I might miss you enough to cry
but instead I'm singing to myself that I ain't gonna fall
if you're lost someplace I wonder if you know why


Christolear said...

I loved that third stanza-ish part. Kudos.

Lauren said...

I liked the first stanza. I like how you talk about love