Saturday, September 12, 2009

"More than an Incident in Jasper"

My gal went to Jasper town
not a soul would show her around
she wanted to leave without a sound
wasn't sure what was about to go down

a violent shout from the sidewalk came
mothers pulled their children away
in front of God and in the light of the day
yet another battle in her way

then the sun did split and begin to melt
no tongue can say just how she felt
walkin' thru Jasper with no one to help
a renegade lost in the Bible belt

four guys walked out of a restaurant
tried to give her what she didn't want
though she cried out they were never caught
Jasper ruled that it was her fault

I wonder when everyone will see
that her spirit shouldn't have to bleed
just because she's in love with me
tell me people, ain't we supposed to be free?

1 comment:

Lauren said...

wow....that was amazing. You truely have such an awesome talent. I loved the part about the sun splitting and melting. Really creative