Thursday, June 18, 2009

"My Door is Open"

Anna don't go
to that alley so cold
all broken bottles
and shoots your spirit fulla holes
Anna ya don't havta know
where the wind's gonna blow
it ain't in our sights
what happened babe
to your fire-light?
caught in a streetllight
broken signs, you
hide your eyes
bite your tongue or break your throat
but darling please just come inside.


Lauren said...

I thought this was good.
Might sound weird, but I sorta thought it had this....homey feel to it. Dunno if you meant it that way, haha, but I kinda caught it. I think it was that very last line. I think it's good also because many people can put themselves in Anna's position. They're always good when they can be related too

Lauren said...

hi =]
Okay, so I know I made you read that story that I said I was planning on turning into a novel and trying to seriously publish...well...I got to thinking about it, and the story doesn't have much action to it at all. It's one of those...mainly character type stories. Where the story is mainly run by thoughts and emotions and the dialouge of the characters. Most people don't totally go for that, and though I'd love to finish that story, I'm thinking of saving it for a later purpose. I have this other story that I started last year. I posted it all on facebook and you've probably read it. Lucifer's Symphony is what I called it...and's mainly an adventure story and kinda...romance story as well...but...I think it'd go over better as a first novel sorta thing. When you get the time, I'll post it on my blog and you can look at it and tell me what you think about it. I know me and you would probably be okay with the whole...story told mainly for emotional and literature purposes...but too many ppl are really run by stories with an action and all....but it's still a great story...I think. I know I'm really rambling but it's 12:30 AM and...yeah. Anywho. I'll post it up. Read it one day and yeah...comment me and all haha. ^.^