Saturday, June 6, 2009

thought I'd take a break from that story

for one of those 1 am songs that come outta nowhere

We both know that before any of this
I had my mind on the west
thought there was nothin to miss
'till your words came like the rains
that caressed my jaw and my fists
and instead of forgetting it all
My God I yearned for your indigo kiss

chorus: well there's a heartache comin down
You can't run from what's always around
you can break in it babe
or stand your ground
but nothin's gonna stop a heartache comin down

go bury your roses and turn out the lights
I can't handle the truth
the truth fallin from your eyes
and I can't tell the difference
between what I need and what's right
I just hope you can soon capture
that voice you've been tryin to hide

So stay if you need to or walk away
honey cry all ya have to
you know it's better that way
and take all the whispers
from your sheets that started to fade
open the gates or close your door
or walk thru the heat of the day


this time a flame burned without a sound
Sometimes what's lost should never be found
I just ended up with too much outta town
but who knows babe, I might see you around
please don't drown
please don't drown
darling please don't drown


Lauren said...

I think it's awesome that things like this just come to you. It'd different for me. It used to be like that. I think I've kinda gotten myself out of my creative mindset that I used to have. Life's been a mess =/ but I'm trying to get back into that swing of it all. Takes time.

Lauren said...

aw and thanks for the comment! I'm glad you can relate lol it helps me a lot to see that I'm not crazy =/
Yeah. I've really honestly let my relationships just kinda ruin me, ya know? I let them take away the part of me that I loved, and the reason i hate it so much now is now im with someone that I honestly care about, someone who's WORTH my love ya know? And like...because of everything that's happened to me, it's like it's so hard to love. I think I did it too myself as a way of trying to cope with it all. But i'll get better. I now see that. Time will heal it. It normally does.
and I tought this random song was really good. I just love the way you use words. Like when you said "Indigo kiss" like...that's so...different. Most people wouldn't even think of things like that. I think you're very set apart from other writers and I thin it'll really help you later.