Monday, February 1, 2010

Trying something....

"Where are We Now?"

you walked on by me
still i didn't see you
and opened your coat to the wind
and let it fall in front of me
still I didn't see you

or myself
my light
caught up in some tide
that's breaking
for no one anymore

and the bricks of our home
got so cold
got so cold
and the tiles started to crack
and the wet street was black
and you ain't ever comin back
never comin back
I'm never comin back, no

tell me who's dreaming
tell me who's dreamed up this kingdom
in apartment number 5
tell me who needs to hear my goodbye

old scenes gone sour
and some diamond no one admired
and then you got gone
deep into yourself and
blew the last candle out

so I climbed
and I wanted you to split and
feel me back inside
I tried
but it's this something
it's faith sleeping with a lie
I wanted inside
could I get inside
and No wails the look in those eyes

don't tell me why
don't tell me why
just tell me
what spirit or what body
needs to hear
my goodbye

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