Friday, February 5, 2010

I've been sick....

for three days. This came outta the blue....after a pot of coffee....

"Can I Lie Next to You Tonight?"

lately baby I ain't doin so well
and this fever just won't get down
my hallways cluttered with too many trinkets
and I really miss havin you around

now the story is that I left for someone new
but honey it was never like that
its just that I need to drift away sometimes
and the whole feeling turns into this vanishing act

chorus: can I lie next to you tonight?
I ain't askin for very much
can I dream next to you tonight?
lately the whole scene's gotten so rough...

I understand babe if ya think I'm far too strange
to ever take into any consideration
but there's no place to go and the streets are folding
and I ain't askin' ya to heal these tribulations

just for a minute of tenderness by letting me in
would suffice for this soul of ashtray dreams
I promise someday I won't need your light
just as soon as I'm clear of all the warm smoke rings


Yes, your mercy is something I've never deserved
and God knows why I always run and hide
while you stand in the highlands where the ghosts dont walk
I shouldn't even attempt to leave it all behind
I couldn't even if I tried
'cause darling I can't stand to leave you behind
oh will you still let me inside?

honey can I lie next to you tonight?
if that's not askin' for too much
sweet woman can I dream next to you tonight?
lately my world has gotten so rough

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