Thursday, February 18, 2010

Song for Donna

You say you're haunted by your memories
that come in and turn everything black
you're standing in your sanctuary
but you've got both hands tied behind your back

and the mornings get so cold
after a night in some mad man's point of veiw
please remember, he might own a lotta pain
but he don't own you

you're so much better than anything in him
he can't even touch that light within
I know you're shaken and it's hard to believe
but someday he'll be gone like smoke in a dirty wind

your angelic eyes are proof enough
tht a thing like him can't conquer one undying truth
he might own a lotta pain, but he don't own you

No one here wants to have you barred
and you don't belong in any cage
but freedom's something you havta find for yourself
after you've broken past some phantom's rage

if the door's locked, please crawl out the window
you've got everything ya need to make it through
cause after all he might own a lotta pain, but he don't own you

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