Thursday, October 29, 2009

Battle (Never Enough)

kinda like a prequel to my last song.

couldn't find the river but I still had the rains
thought I'd give them one last try to wash the shame
but I knew
but I knew
wrapped my prayers in barbed wire and set the fields ablaze
what choice is there when you're born into this haze
but you knew
you said you knew
a heart can wait a long time but will eventually rust
were you really thinking of me when you spoke about trust?
how can you find answers in what has turned to dust

and it feels like living just isn't enough

there is no garden, haven't felt that sacred kiss
and something tells me I just wasn't made for this
so I lied
yeah I lied
you stopped calling and faded into the crowd
I stole one drink and then slept with Doubt
Did we try?
Did we really try?
Can you tell me what is left in us?
sometimes a spirit stays lost even after it's touched
maybe we hurt because we expected too much

and it feels like dying just isn't enough

I spoke your words and then turned out the lights
is it my fault they don't calm what's burning me inside?
do you recall
oh yes you recall

that last desperate summer, that last glorious start
something wasnt recieved so I broke your heart
did I fall?
why did I fall....

a stranger ducked me under and then yanked me up
said a few lines about your light and love
then all the people went back to where they came from
as I stepped outside where the sun and the earth was so rough

and thought if we could just believe, we might have enough
if I could just believe...

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