Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Battle (Still Standing)

while I was crossing the state line
I saw you, I swear I saw you
wrap your arms around me
my heart was racing to its own time
and I knew what I knew
but what you know isn't always what you believe

so listen....have mercy
on the girl who ran away from home
yes I'm still standing
but don't leave me standing alone

everything moves, everything has a cost
and visions, some visions just fade
but you still want me to try
my soul is moaning for what it lost
reaching, reaching thru the rain
screaming I want to see you but I don't wanna die

won't you listen....have mercy
on the one who tried it on her own
yes I'm still standing
but don't leave me standing alone

as I was landing in a desperate land
I felt you, I swear I felt you
give me something I never asked for at all
my body was shaking, please understand
why i turned from you I turned from you
because I was tired of having to crawl
I'd always been told that I have to crawl
don't even know if I was made to crawl

oh hear me.....forgive me
if I broke your heart when I turned to stone
right now I'm still standing
but don't leave me standing alone


Lauren said...

You really have a power over words. Your words always have such an impact on me when I read them. Awesome =]

Lauren said...

yeah I know what you mean. I went back and forth for a REALLY long time about my major and finally I was like...okay lauren...honestly...what are you good at but still enjoy doing...and it came down to writing and reading other people's work. So...I think I want to be an editor. It seems to be something I'd enjoy doing. And to be a music performance major I'd have to practice ALLLLL the time...and i hate practicing, lol.

All American Teenager said...

This is really good!! You are a great writer!! Tell the class i said hello and i miss yall!