Thursday, April 2, 2009

I fell into rivers of asphalt
broke my eyes
dust on my face

walking thru the streets of Birmingham

The stars are rebels
that the moon
cut our of the sun
and left wanderin'
and blazin'
above wolf-dogs and howls

(can you touch me where it hurts?)


I sat alone
in the tender dark,
struck a match

and swallowed the spark


Weary baby
standing naked befor the dusk
eyes full of tenderness
ivory hands holding crusts of bread
legs cold from the rain

harmony's been broken
by sudden sweet surrenders
and it's all holy
the ghosts from ancient storms,
the weeds,
the rain-drenched wood,
the fireflies in your hair

as you sit by a midnight window
coughing up rust
or red clay
knawing your bones and trying to believe in Heaven

everything rushing into you
will someday be holy

tarnished baby
flashing like a coin in the lost and found
don't you know that I dream of your mercury mind
of kissing your young holy neck
and feeling the warm vines rushing underneath
tho we've both been wounded by thunder
and hungry sighs

I will
I will follow you

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I love your writing so much....
Wow. I love just looking over your writing and digging through your words. It's awesome getting to analyze your work. Your writing has matured sooo much since you first started like...a long time ago.