Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For Allie

Allie, speak softly, don't let yur temperature rise
If ya feel ya have to, I'll let you look in my eyes
You sayt here's no one to hold you
but I'm here to console you
no hurt, no scorn, can come here tonight

Do you want me to open my coat and let your in?
honey, we could be gone like smoke in the wind
I just want you to know
that your spirit can grow
tho it may seem buried too far, it can rise again

The chains of Birmingham can't touch you my dear
a town's a town, you have only your doubts to fear
Yes it's weary and worn
it's been bruised, it's been torn
but you're not Birmingham's child, it can't draw you too near

Allie we both see the poverty outside
there're sundowns that can slay you and storms to ride
maybe you're kinda like me
just hungry to be free
If ya feel you have to babe, we can head north tonight
and if ya feel you have to babe,
would you let me inside?

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Christolear said...

That was good, dude.