Friday, April 10, 2009

Had Enough Hurtin' Tonight

The last bottle is dry
and my spirit's bruised
let's get outta this damn alley
honey, we've got too much to lose

feels like our limbs are tied
and we can't hold eachother
come on, just run back home
so maybe one of us can hear the other

Wash the tears off of your face
I'll turn out the lights
crawl under the covers, babe
'cause I've had enough hurtin tonight

let's go down to the river
'stead of bleeding downtown
I'm not too tired to start again
I know we can turn this thing around

after all we've seen
there's no room for fare well
though our throats are so raw
and all this fighting is hell

stars will blaze sooner or later
and they don't care about sides
and i wanna be wrapped up in you
'cause I've had enough hurtin tonight

I'm sorry for it all
please don't break inside
I'll lay my body down beside you
'cause we've had enough hurtin tonight

1 comment:

Lauren said...

AW! That's so good! I think we've all kinda understood the feelings in this =/