Monday, February 2, 2009

I Need You Darling (yet another love song)

Nothing girl, could ever contain you
or sum you up in scribbled lines
I know there's more to your wanderin' blues
your Irish heart, or your Cherokee eyes

Am I lost? oh, your voice has slayed me
the light's shining off your emerald ring
I'm alone and wanting to be surrounded
by your hair flashing like blackbird wings

There's this feeling I can't recognize
so honey, let me follow you down
to the crystal assurance of your mirror
then maybe you can reach me somehow

Can ya tell me that my spirit ain't empty
or as broken as it seems
I need to believe babe, and more than that
I wanna feel the weight of your dreams

I just don't know what's hiding inside
my life's tumbling thru some desolate sea
won't ya hold these hands and this heart
so I can know what's real in me

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