Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weary Goodbye to Lady Jane

Said goodbye to Lady Jane
she left me her poems, I took back my word
we were so much younger but I....
I just don't want to realize that now
I can't throw open the window and see her gone
it would bruise me somehow

O we were children that winter
with a blue velvet dress and no need for prayer
woke up alone to watch the dawn but then...
but then it just rose too hot over us
and I didn't know what to think about something so real
didn't know if we could ever have any trust

Small town blues come harshly 'round here
and try to break you with some sort of guilt
I wanted to be renegades, but she wanted her peace and I....
I hope she can get it somewhere out there
the streets were unkind enough to her
while I was playing Midnight Rider to Anywhere

I walk down to the river, breathe in a shade
regrets all said and "Lord, what have I done?"
It might be cold but I don't wanna feel it, I don't....
I don't want to see her, but I do wanna see her tonight
but Lady Jane's found her home I know
and it's been too long
I've been too headstrong
Lord, to call her my baby and sleep in her blessed light


Lady Jane, know I love you I love you
but I won't ask you to run with me
I've got too many midnights on my heels
and neither of us were meant to follow or chase....
but out of everything in my weary life
your warmth is the one thing I won't ever replace

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