Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Couple of Songs

"I Found You Tonight"

I wear a dead man's suit, lookin' for a song to sing
slavin' like I gotta solve the Divine Mystery
You can be gone with your red shoes on
but think it over before you say goodbye
honey, I can't find salvation, but I found you tonight

I heard a couple banks closed and the cash was lost
when the bottom falls out, someone's gonna pay the cost
I know you can feel it so if you believe it
don't break doing some one else's time
it's hard to find some dreams, but you did find me tonight

I see you've got pains running down your back
and it gets hard to breathe when ya can't go back
I don't want us to fade, so darling please stay
I'll lay down my stones and I'll lay down my pride
'cause I couldn't find a reason 'till I found you tonight.

"Broken Vision of Mine" (one line taken from Dylan's "It's Alright Ma I'm Only Bleeding")

Ain't it just like an angel to give
plastic flames while you sit there sighing?
the muses slip thru your fingers and say
"Are ya busy being born or busy dying?"
And Euterpe, she's maoning against the walls
her flute's at the gates of the crying

And Sal's got his head wrapped in blues
Lady's glass face still don't know the truth
I'm sitting alone in my mirrored room
thinkin' 'bout all the shadows and lives we choose

tell me are we doomed to leave too much behind?
And what's gonna fix this broken vision of mine?

Hey man, don't you know how it feels
to have your words up on trial?
You hear echoes resound from your soul,
"they loose their candle after a while"
and your throat's so full of rust, so you just
walk on with that harmonica smile

Meanwhile inside the tin houses
despiration storms over the sin
name me all the unrelenting saints and
I'll try to say a prayer for them
but like you said, you can't hold your hymns
forever, sometimes you gotta start again

all the fields turned to bluish smoke
I waltzed in like a child and I choked
on the rocks where the cotton wouldn't grow
as I stumbled and felt my innocence implode

Oh and who would know an answer from a sign?
And what's gonna fix this broken vision of mine?

Sal, you're not the only one who hears the train
I hear it splitting 'cross the dawn
everytime I woke and tried to chase that steel
and I ended up jaded and where I started from
so I went wandering 'round all tombstone-eyed
and don't you know the gin is bitter enough?

The memories start to crumble like ash
and her hollow face can't take you home
sometimes the renegade steps in your driveway
sometimes your porchlight erodes
but you wanna fly off with the tumbling sands
and every step leads to Destination Unknown

feels like I've fallen beneath the skies
can't see my fiery hands beyond its lights
dustclouds stole the skin off my eyes
and left me so wearily open to the night

and who could deny that this was bound to come by?
and can anythign fix this broken vision of mine?

Well I walked to the mouth of the forest spark
where the evenings once glowed
then wound up swimming through iodine
of seas that have never known
and I just don't know
and I just don't know
and I just can't find
my soul howling among the paperfolds and sighs of this broken vision of mine.

(just so ya know, Euterpe is the Greek muse of music and lyric poetry.)