Thursday, January 22, 2009


might sound better heard than read, I'll work on the melody eventually....

She's laying beside me sleeping
I hear the howling in her breath
the way we used to back in Mobile
when we'd work and we'd sweat

My hand moves across the lace
but doesn't linger for to long
Maybe I would try to touch her
but I'm not there, I'm gone

her hands are ancient ivory
and holding crusts of bread
when the sun rises next to her
I wish I was someone else instead

and I know there are bitter rocks
where our mercury river used to run
I brush her hair behind her ear
but I can't tell her; I'm gone

our love once echoed in the drainpipes
of some town too far away
if I'd known about her nakedness
I wouldn't have asked her to stay

I could crawl into her grace and sigh
but I'd be haunted by our songs
should've never brought her here
but I can't change, so I'm gone

She thought she knew what I wanted
and she played her so well
we could be haloed in a streetlamp
but we're alone as far as I can tell

her tears are burning in her throat
but my mind is one the door
the dawn grows so cold on her face
it's hallelujah, farewell, and no more

I gave her my silver medallions
and all the rhythms of my songs
but it's because she would have died...
sacrificed her self, that I'm gone

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Christolear said...

That was very...good. Poetic. Sad. Lovely, though, really.