Friday, July 1, 2011

This book... laborous as hell. My other two books were relatively easy to write. Ii just wrote shit down until it was done and there ya go. My first took about 6 months (I was 11 at the time) and my second took a month and a half. I just wrote constantly with very little effort. This one is much different. I only have 8 pages and I had to draw this complex diagram thingy to keep up with all the characters and places and avoid plot holes.
The form is much more traditional than what a have been doing for a while; it's like a grown-up version of my first book in that aspect. It's pretty violent too, but now that I think about it both of my books were violent. Whadyaknow.

Anyway, this thing is rough. Kinda reminds me of my TaeKwonDo tournament days...specifically the tournament where I had to spar my sister and ended up going four extra rounds and then nearly cracked a growplate in my wrist on a punch to the ground during my free-design form. Damn. Just damn.
I guess it's because it had so much of my recent aingsty heartbreak in it. Maybe if I didn't make the time and setting and a few characters and events fictional, I wouldn't be able to write it at all without losing it to some degree. Of course there's some dialogue straight out of real life nearly word for word.

WARNING TO EVERYONE: if you break my heart, I'm gonna write about every fight word for word and post it on the internet and/or read it in public in front of your friends. Seriously, don't fuck with me.

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