Friday, August 12, 2011

"Heart of Mine"

Well this time your alabaster stone don't make me wanna stay
and your crystal waters don't keep me at your bay
I just can't spend my life climbin' up your castle stairs
and anyway you wouldn't believe the odds those people gave to me back there
look and see the saints are just posing
and the graveyard gates are closing
on you and me and everything I'm leaving behind
ah honey babe anyone can have anything, but why'd you take this heart of mine

I see you got those turquiose eyes now you're lookin for your crutch
to do for you everything that you used to say would be too much
baby I would've walked 20 miles just for one smile from a friend
and now it seems you'd do anything to prove I never loved you then
But honestly don't we both know
it was never my idea to let us go
but one night I said hello and you left to run and hide
so honey babe these days I'd do anything to take back that heart of mine

Remember when I had seven hungry hounds at my heels
and a devil at my back saying none of it was real
now you come up to me like you never once fell
or told me stories you knew I'd believe were yours' to tell
when every night that I cried
you were sitting safe inside
thinking about your condition or depression or the meaning of life
honey babe but all the while you must've known all you did was take this heart of mine

So don't ever expect me to crack and crumble at your iron door
or break my heals on cold hard gravel following you no more
looks like my life is rolling somewhere further down the road
the one that once crossed your street but now wanders all alone
but don't you know it's okay
if you never saw the light of day
shining through the valley where you used to drive me outta my mind
cause honey babe I'm taking everything and more than that you're gonna lose this heart of mine

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